10 Best Keeper Gloves 2018 + Buyer's Guide

Being a keeper is not easy because match results highly depend on their skill. Expert goalkeepers swear by their experience and sports equipment to perform great. Therefore, the equipment always has to be top notch. When it comes to the best keeper gloves, here we give you a top 10 list of the best grip goalkeeper keeper gloves. These best keeper gloves are made by big-name companies and contain stellar technologies, enhancing comfort and grip. Let's go:

(1) Nike Goalkeeper Spyne Pro Glove

Nike GK Spyne Pro Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves (Grey, Total Orange) (6)

Great design yet reasonable-cost, making these gloves extremely popular. These are perfect for mid-range, budget-confined players. These offer great protection with fingersaves at the backhand too and a pre-curved fingers just as described before. The latex palm makes it extremely good for gripping and handling, making it one of the best grip goalkeeper gloves.

These contain the usual wraparound wristbands, allowing you to adjust them to fit nicely. All in all, you can call this one of the best keeper gloves out there. Our rating: 4.4/5


(2) Adidas Ace Zones Pro Goalie Gloves

Adidas Ace Zones Pro Goalie Gloves 9 Green/Black/Pink

If you want styling gloves offering you premium experience, then look no further. These gloves contain 4 eye-catching colorways, helping you stand out. The bandage on this piece snug, giving you better wrist fitting without any pesky Velcro. The Evo Tech Zones offer top-notch control and grip, which makes it one o the best grip goalkeeper gloves. Plus, these have precise area designed to improve ball control. Though no fingersaves, the padding is extremely fat, offering an irresistible price. Altogether, this is amongst the best keeper gloves in the market. Our rating: 4.5/5


(3) Adidas ACE Pro Classic Goalkeeper Gloves

adidas Ace Pro Classic Gloves (White/Red) (7)This set is extremely similar to the Adidas Ace Zones Pro, however, some unique features make it stand out. The black design makes these look simple and great. The 4mm latex makes it all business. This set is fits like a custom glove due to the stretchable wrist. However, they don't have fingersave protection like the last pair. Still, this pair has a stellar grip regardless of the weather, making it perfect for serious players and one of the best grip goalkeeper gloves. On the whole, it is one of the best keeper gloves. Our rating: 4.9/5

(4) Nike Match KIDS Goalkeeper Gloves


Extremely low priced keeper gloves containing an orange and grey colorway, making it likeable for kids. The low-cost reflects in having no finger support. However, that doesn't make them bad at all. You just have to use it properly. They fit extremely well and offer superb grip, and that makes it one o the best grip goalkeeper gloves. However, they won't last more than one season, which makes it perfect for someone looking for a temporary low-priced pair. Collectively, we can say it is one of the best soccer gloves. Our rating: 4.8/5


(5) Puma Evopower Grip 2.3 Goalkeeper Gloves

Puma Evopower 2.3 Rc Bk Goalkeeper Gloves Pink/Black 8

Puma rocked the market with these. One of the gloves is  vibrant pink, other one shiny yellow, making it extremely noticeable. The 4mm palm grip is sheer quality for the price and this feature makes it one of the best grip goalkeeper gloves.

This is an excellent instance of goalie gloves technology advanced lots in the last years. The part latex and bandage strap gives you lots of freedom and protection than a typical glove.

These don't contain fingersave tech, however, offer superb grip and are perfect for mid-range players. Overall, it is one of the best soccer gloves. Our rating: 4.8/5


(6) Reusch Soccer Pulse Prime G2 Ortho-Tec Goalkeeper Gloves

Reusch Soccer Pulse Prime G2 Ortho-Tec Goalkeeper Glove, Size 11, Yellow/Green, Pair

Reusch produces great soccer cleats and best keeper gloves. They put out some extremely sturdy gloves for big-name players around the world. This expensive pair is designed for serious goalkeepers out there. The Ergonomic support system offers you more control over the ball making it one of the best grip goalkeeper gloves. Plus, it has the fingersave feature. Though expensive, yet these gloves are worth it. Overall, these happen to be amongst the best soccer gloves in the market. Our rating: 5/5

(7) Uhlsport Ergonomic Soft Training Goalkeeper Gloves

Uhlsport Ergonomic Soft Training Goalkeeper Glove - 3Though not so famous, Uhlsport is labeled to put out great products, and same goes for this model. The latex palm and backhand makes them downright unique and more qualitative, labeling it as one of the best grip goalkeeper gloves.

Because most of the training gloves use foam instead. This pair has a normal cut, so nothing fancy there. It also contains latextflap and a few bandages designed to close the glove, however, no fingersave technology. Making it one of the best keeper gloves.

Uhlsport suggest these for advanced training and matches. The price is a steal even for newcomers. Mid-range players should grab this immediately, making it one of the best soccer gloves out there. Our rating: 3.9/5


(8) Diadora Soccer Stile II Junior Goalkeeper Glove

Diadora Soccer 861013-10 Stile II Junior Goal Keeper Gloves, 7

This pair is one of the best junior goalkeeper gloves and comes at a mid-level price. Their brand speaks for itself. These come with fingersave protection at a reasonable cost.

The protection makes it an excellent choice for practice. Putting it into the category of the very good goalkeeper gloves. Our rating: 4.8/5

(9) Reusch Receptor Pro G2 Bundesliga Goalkeeper Gloves

Reusch Soccer Receptor Pro M1 Special Cut Goalkeeper Glove, 11, Pair

Another Reusch model on the list. This pair is made of latex and a bandage strap enclosing you. The G2 foam padding on the palm allows to play even in the rain, and this makes it one of the best grip goalkeeper gloves.

Greatly priced, intermediate-players' gloves. Labeling it as one of the very good goalie gloves. Our rating: 4.6/5

(10) Rinat Uno Clasico

Rinat Uno Clasico (Green, 10)

The 10th piece on this list of the best keeper gloves is the best looking gloves you'll ever come across. Green and yellow alongside white and blue sprinkled to offset. These have the classic #1 on them to showcase your goalkeeper. Rinat has been making excellent goalkeeper gloves used across the globe.

The latex made palm is extended to offer you more control on the ball, and this feature makes it one of the best grip goalkeeper gloves. This pair is top-notch or matches and advanced training. And the price point is sweeter. Making it one o the extremely very good goalkeeper gloves. Our rating: 4.4/5


Best Keeper Gloves Buyer's Guide 

The cut is one of the most crucial factors of determining good goalkeeper gloves. The goalie has to skirt the line about how the gloves feel.

On the flip-side, gloves have to be comfy and responsive, allowing the goalkeeper to react super fast. Plus, the gloves also have to lasting and shielding up to 60mph shots.

These two are the quality determining factors of any goalkeeper glove pair. Various manufacturers  have designed several sort of cuts to meet these conflicting demands.


This traditional cut was created at the beginning days of goalkeeper gloves. Here, the palm is made of a different foam/latex piece. This style cut gives you more movement room and freedom, however, has become old-fashioned nowadays.

Rolled or Gunn

This fairly traditional cut developed competing with the flat cut style during specialized goalkeeper glove development. Rolled style doesn't have gussets connecting the palm to your fingers, rather they placed the seams on the back of the glove's fingers.

Though this style is tight fitting, yet offers some room for movement than the modern cuts. This also offers a bigger contact surface than the flat cut.


This comparatively newer cut is not the master in the design aspect. However, it still is one of the most favorite models of today. This style is pretty much like the flat cut in design, however, the backhand and palm are stitched up together alongside the interior at the sides of your fingers.

This design is close-fitting and offers better control and responsiveness. However, this model wears out faster than the others.

Bowl or Precurved

This is a modification of flat palm gloves. Though the palm is shaped with a plain curve rather than flat. This gentle curve adjusts to the original shape and closing action of your hand.

This style strikes the balance between control and comfort. The stitch lets the hand move around inside the glove even more and the bowl design is designed to trap strong shots with ease. However, this style sacrifices a little surface field.

There are many hybrids and brands breaking the market with stellar design. Typically, hybrids will apply difference is the ring, the palm, the middle fingers, the pinky and also your index fingers.

Hybrid cut is designed to maximize qualities of various cuts, minimizing their limits, at the same time. The bowl cut is a hybrid cut tentatively, although, it has gained attention itself.

Remember that you can often develop hybrid cuts by adding, replacing or subtracting various glove materials. Such as, a flat design hybrid glove for your ring and index fingers can use non-slippery silicone to explain the extra jiggle space.


Flexibility is a key factor when looking for the best keeper gloves. Flexibility, a lot like cut style, is a little of a "give and take" factor. These gloves are are so flexible that they respond to finger movements without stiffness. However, not so flexible that a 60 mph shot would harm your hands.

Flexibility is usually decided bu the style of your goalkeeper glove and materials. For instance, a negatvie polyurethane cut performs lot differently comparing to the same size and cut latex-made glove. The former piece is lot more lasting and shielding though not so flexible.

Goalkeeper gloves have no 'perfect' flexibility level. It will all depend on the goalie's taste and strength. A goalkeeper with stronger fingers can eschew a little flexibility for a more lasting element and more fitting style. But a goalkeeper with weaker fingers would usually prefer a shock-absorbent material.


Alongside the cut, the closure is the #2 factor to determine the best keeper gloves. A goalkeeper glove has to be comfy. Otherwise, you risk your impact handling capability.

For instance, you don't need an extremely comfortable glove in hockey as you don't need equal flexibility and protection.  Sport equipment require characteristics varying with the sport. This is why goalie gloves are unique at balance and privilege comfort the best. Trade-off is common between goalkeeper glove features. So, it is about your choices between protection and flexibility.



The bandage is another factor you need to consider when it comes to picking the best keeper gloves. The bandage style is the most safe sort of closure out there for goalie gloves. Though these gloves provide you top notch safety, sacrifices some flexibility, sadly. Simply put, it means you won't be extend your wrists much when wearing a bandage closure. This style contains a tubelike circle of elastic just like medical bandage.


This is one more crucial factor that determines the best keeper gloves. This sort of closure is just as the the bandage closure in many aspects. Both of them swear by a plastic piece to shield your glove. However, while the bandage closure uses a tubular elastic piece, the elastic closure downright sews the elastic upright into the opening of the gloves.

This elastic piece is then protected using a hook and loop design, allowing you some more adjustment, varying with the glove we are talking about. Though this closure is a little like a Goldilocks, however, it is not as secure as the bandage closure style.

Slit Wrist

Here is another factor helping you determine the best keeper gloves. The last sort of closure is the least protective. This is also called the v-notch closure, the slit wrist is designed to offer the most flexibility and comfort. However, this sort of closure offers the least protection. Anyways, this closure also gives you a gap at the backhand part, allowing your hands to breathe.

It's crucial that you note majority of the expert goalie gloves the more protection bandage closure to offer the most control. Coupled with glove's cut, the extra protection offered by the closure can be pointless.

For instance, a negative cut style goalkeeper glove is already a lot tighter fitting to your hand comparing to other types. For example, the extra protection of a bandage closure perhaps is not crucial, and the goalie perhaps may perform better with a freer closure to offer extra flexibleness the bandage closure doesn't contain. Remember this while buying one of the best keeper gloves.


The palm is another determining factor of the best keeper gloves. The last valuable factor to consider while buy the best keeper gloves is the palm of the glove. Though there are other parts of the goalkeeper glove, they don't usually infleunce the footballer's skill much.

For instance, the backhack will impact a goalkeeper's punch, however, will rarely influence the performance. Rather, the backhand decides how lasting the goalkeeper gloves are and the amount of impact the punch will lay and how effective it will be.

But the palm of the keeper gloves is as crucial as the fingers of the gloves, if not more, when it comes to impact your performance. Your palm with either capture or block the ball a lot more than the backhand would be anticipated to lay a punch on it. Keep this in consideration to buy one of the best keeper gloves.


Grip is extremely crucial when it comes to buying the best keeper gloves. You can argue that the palm thickness is equally crucial as a goalkeeper may not expand or be willing to initiate contact if they're aware that the blocked shot would be painful, however, the grip of the glove will impact the goalkeeper's abilities irrespective of their disposal.

The goalie glove's grip usually follows the cost in that and the more costly gloves also offer the top-notch grip. Unlike some other factors talked about here, there's barely a reason to choose low grip glove when it comes to extreme level of competition.

There are tons of usage of goalie gloves which aren't for the extreme competition. Practicing goalkeeper gloves don't require top-notch grip, however. And the goalie gloves for children and adolescents demand professional quality in very rare cases.

There are some examples while a cruder palm perhaps is more suited comparing to a softer one. Especially, the field of play can require a cruder palm if the surface juxtaposes a higher amount of wear and tear on their gloves. Therefore, artificial or indoor turf would result in rapider wear and tear on your gloves and have to be replaced more often.

Another note about the grip is: there happens to be spray on additives for goalie gloves which can help improve your gripping quality. A few of the products examples are, GloveGlu's formula. This works in every weather condition and also aids to shield the gloves. Nonetheless, it's crucial that you ensure the league lets you use an additive prior to applying to your goalkeeper gloves. Don't forget to consider this aspect to purchase one of the best keeper gloves.


Glove thickness doesn't need to be decided by the materials used as in durability. Yes, the materials may impact the thickness, however, oftentimes, you can find a set of softer gloves which are as fat as the attest gloves.

Rather than the material constitution and/or the durability dichotomy vs the grip at play, the fatness of a goalie glove emphasizes on control or protection. The fatter the glove, the more security it provides, where slimmer pairs offer the goalkeeper more respondent control. Don't forget to keep this feature on mind when it comes to buying one of the best keeper gloves.


Though less connected with indoor games, outdoor footballers must deal with the elements. In terms of rain or other sorts of moisture, your glove's response can impact your goalkeeping performance.

Some top-notch gloves would also perform greater in damp weather, although, that doesn't mean you should play in a rainstorm. Perhaps the other gloves absorb only the moisture without impacting the grip of the palm. Both of these approaches usually depend on top-notch latex and can be found costlier gloves. Ensure having this feature if you're looking for one of the best keeper gloves.


Another final consideration when deciding to buy the best keeper gloves is the glove's design. Professional players now look for gloves with protective spine. Usually made with hatched plastic stripes and the finger spines are made to keep you from hyperextension.

Nonetheless, the effectivity of fingers spines stays doubtful at most. And some educators tell that finger spines offer an untrue sense of protection and keep the goalie from building the crucial finger strength. Make sure to get this feature if you want one of the best keeper gloves.

Last Words

At last, there happens to be no set of goalie gloves which would suit perfect for everybody. Some footballers swear by sound skills over natural talent and may may skimp some higher end growth. Others let their physical talent glister and can have scarcity of solid basics. Take care of the facts to pick the best keeper gloves out there.

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