16 Best Back Support For Car - Lumbar Support Reviews

16 Best Back Support For Car - Lumbar Support Reviews 

Perhaps you like to go on road trips with your friends or family. We know long journeys are stressful for your back as you have to stay confined in a certain place for long. Without the best back support for car, driving can give you a tough time. Because you have to live with pain and discomfort the whole time. Does the lower portion of your back ache when you're driving your car? If so, then it is time to pick one of the best back support for car. Are they helpful? Yes. They are designed to comfort your back, giving you relief from pain. Best back support for car pieces are essential to improve posture and relief back pain. You can find many back support for cars out there in the market. But the question rises: which one should you pick? If you're confused between all those choices out in the market, fear not. Today I'm going to give you the 16 best back support for car pieces. Let's get started:

 (1) Wagan IN9438 12V Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support (Black Velour)

Wagan Soft Velour 12V Heated Seat Cushion Ultra Plush with High/Low/Off Temperature Control (Black)--IN9438
This is a tech-advanced lumbar support for your car, containing an unique heating ability. This is perfect if you live in a year-round cold region. The back support control is at the side of the seat. When the button is centered, the machine turns off and sliding it up will start the heating process. And if you slide it down, it'll start low heating. This piece is extremely easy to use, making it one of the best back support for car. Being a seat cushion, it is bigger than an usual lumbar support pillow ones. It contains 2 straps, 4 hoops, making it easy o attach in seat. And lastly, the soft velour cover on this goes soft on the skin and does not irritate, which labels it as one of the best back support for car.

(2) Sweet Relief Lumbar Cushion Pillow

Sweet Relief 100% Pure Memory Foam Back Cushion - Orthopedic Design for Back Pain Relief - Lumbar Support Pillow With Mesh Support Included

The memory foam construction feature of this gives an optimal comfort inside your car. As it's not too firm or soft, it offers the perfect back support. The memory foam and mesh backing mix makes it stellar due to the comfort provided. This lumbar support lets air circulate nicely and gives no chemical smell after taking out from the packaging. Last and most important, the item has a lifetime replacement guarantee, assuring you the top notch quality and peace of mind. If you're unhappy, tell the manufacturer and they'll offer an unconditioned money back, which puts it in the category of one of the best back support for car.

(3) LoveHome Car Lumbar Support Back Cushion and Car Neck Pillow Kit

LoveHome Lumbar Support Cushion For Car And Headrest Neck Pillow Kit - Ergonomically Design Universal Fit Major Car Seat - Black

Supporting the upper back as well makes it one of the best pieces out there. It supports the upper back due to having an equivalently comfy neck pillow. The filling made from malleable memory foam, makes it a great pick. Meaning that its shape will be customized according to your back comfort. On top of that, the mesh cover makes it extremely breathable. You can remove and machine-wash it, offering you effortless hygiene and top notch condition, making it one of the best back support for car.

(4) Travel Ease Premium Memory Foam Car Lumbar Cushion and Neck Pillow Kit

Travel Ease Premium Memory Foam Car Lumbar Cushion & Neck Pillow Kit(Beige)

The Ergonomic Streamline Tech is one main reason why this has received so many positive feedback. The smart design of it offers great back support and improves your blood circulation. This piece offers safety for cerebral vertebrae, the most fragile bone in our bodies, due to the extreme safety feature. Lastly, Zero Pressure Tech of this piece will provide you extreme comfort, without any pressure on your back, which makes it one of the best back support for car. With this by your side, now you can lean on your back without worrying anymore.

(5) McCarty’s Sacro-Ease Deluxe Model Lumbar Seat Support with Extra Padding

McCarty's Sacro-Ease Deluxe Model Seat Support with Adjustable Lumbar Pad on Back & 1" Poly Foam in Seat, 15-Inch Wide, Black

Unlike the standard Sacro-Ease support, this comes with an extra inch of padding, making it thicker, delivering more back support. This also comforts your back and reliefs pressure points. Though some may not like it, this comes with an adjustable steel frame. However, the upside is that you can bend and adjust it to your comfort. The non-slippery bottom of this may seem trivial to some. Wrong. Some lumbar supports slide a lot, especially while moving. The bottom being non-slippery so this will stay in place when you seat on it, and this makes it one of the best back support for car.

(6) Inflatable Lumbar Support Cushion by Vive

Inflatable Lumbar Support Cushion by Vive - Posture Correcting Backrest Pillow for Car, Office Chair, Lower Back and Neck Pain, Sciatica - Adjustable Relief (Black)

This back support is ideal for extremely busy people. You can use this back support in car, airplanes, at home, work, stadium etc. It is easy to inflate and an elastic strap prevents the cushion from slipping away. You can inflate or deflate this to your choice. The cushion consists a tear-resistive layer and comes with a little bag to aid you store and transport with ease. Be it a daily commute or long flight, a back support that doesn't weigh you down is crucial. Plus, it has to support us during tedious travel hours. The support cushion is made to offer max lower back support and can be packed away or deflated easily, which makes it perfect for long journeys and one of the best back support for car.

(7) Memory Foam Back Cushion by Everlasting Comfort

Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Back Cushion - Orthopedic Design for Lower Back Pain Relief - Lumbar Support Pillow, 2 Adjustable Straps For Car or Office Chair

This best-selling back support reliefs your back support. The ergonomic design is made for other parts of back too, even neck. As this contains 2 adjustable straps, you can fit it tightly to the back of your seat, having you not to stress over slipping away while driving. The hypoallergenic mesh cover allows air flow, reducing skin irritation and discomfort.

(8) Lumbar Support Back Cushion by LoveHome

LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion With 3D Mesh Cover Balanced Firmness Designed for Lower Back Pain Relief- Ideal Back Pillow for Computer/Office Chair, Car Seat, Recliner etc. - Black

LoveHome's lumbar pillow is extremely popular for car usage. Even the chiropractors recommend this memory foam cushion to pinpoint back pain and encourage surgery recovery. The adjustable strap keeps the cushion in place. You can fit it to any car seat, computer chair, office chair, even to a wheelchair. On top of that, it's built with extremely breathable fabric, this makes it one of the best back support for car.

9. Lower Back Pain Cushion by SimplePosture 

SimplePosture Lower Back Pain Cushion - Specially Designed For Maximum Lumbar Support And Back Pain Relief With Dual Extendable Straps and Anti-Skid Surface

Simple Posture’s car back cushion offers gentle lower back support, relieving you from pain and allowing you to sit. Built with top-notch memory foam, it contains an adjustable strap. This cushion being compact, is easy to carry around, this feature makes this piece one of the best back support for car.

10. Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion by Ziraki Memory 

Ziraki Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion - Premium Lumbar Support Pillow Lower Back Pain Relief, Protect & Soothe Your Back - Improve Your Posture - Soft & Firm Balanced Chair Pillow Comes W/ Travel Gift Bag

The Ziraki lumbar support for car fits your natural spine contour, allowing to enjoy long roads easily. This cushion provides support and aids to straighten and correct your sitting posture. What is more, it comes with a sturdy, handy travel bag, labeling it one of the best back support for car.

11. Memory Foam Back Cushion with Mesh Support by Sweet Relief 

Sweet Relief 100% Pure Memory Foam Back Cushion - Orthopedic Design for Back Pain Relief - Lumbar Support Pillow With Mesh Support Included

This orthopedic memory foam lumbar support is the perfect balance between softness and firmness. Featuring an adjustable strap, you can extend it 20-35 inches. Plus, it also contains breathable mesh fabric. Meaning that you'll get a free mesh support, allowing you to enjoy the support at car and home both and making it one of the best back support for car.

12. Lumbar Support Back Pillow by ComfiLife 

ComfiLife Lumbar Support Back Pillow Office Chair and Car Seat Cushion - Memory Foam with Adjustable Strap and Breathable 3D Mesh

ComfiLife’s contoured memory foam cushion relieves from back pain maintaining the natural curve of lower spine. Made from high-density memory foam and a breathable 3D mesh cover. The elastic strap on it makes it suitable for office chairs, cars and recliners, which proves that it is one of the best back support for car.

13. Lumbar Support Pillow and Seat Cushion by Soft&Care 

SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam and Lumbar Support Pillow, Set of 2, Dark Gray

This lumbar support comes with two supporting pillows. The orthopedic seat cushion minimizes pressure on the coccyx, providing relief from tailbone injuries, sciatica pain and pregnancy-related irritation. The matching pillow minimizes lower back pressure. This contains a no-slippery base and inbuilt handle over the seat cushing. On top of that, it includes, adjustable straps, breathable mesh fabric and a phone pocket. The covers are washable and removable, making it one of the best back support for car.

14. Mesh Lumbar Back Cushion by Go Lumbar Support

Go Lumbar Support Extra Comfortable Adjustable Breathable Black Mesh Lumbar Back Cushion Support Fit All Types Office Chair Car Seat, Perfect Solution for Fatigue Back Pain Poor Posture Soreness

This reasonable, mesh lumbar support for the car is made to fit your lower back shape. Rubber massage heads gently pressurize to relieve tension. As these are built from breathable mesh, you surely won't sweat even in warmest weathers. On top of that, this piece fits in nearly any car, which makes it one of the best back support for car.

15. Lumbar Support Pillow by MedX

Lumbar Support Pillow by MedX | Cushion For Office Chairs Recliners and Cars   | Therapeutic Grade Memory Foam


It is one of Amazon's choice products and has been labeled "firm", providing max support to lumbar portion. The memory foam pillow folds to your back's shape, making you feel the item isn't even there. However, the pain decrease will be staggeringly noticeable, and this feature makes this piece one of the best back support for car.

16. Premium Hybrid Gel Lower Back Pain Cushion by Comfort Cloud Orthopedics 

Comfort Cloud Lumbar Support Pillow- Premium Hybrid Cooling Gel and Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion, Breathable Mesh, Non-Slip Orthopedic Lumbar Pillow. Lower Back Pain Cushion, Office, Travel, Wheelchair

This memory foam cushion contains a clever inbuilt cooling gel layer, preventing your back from overheating or sweating. This is helpful especially when you go on long car journeys in hot weather. This piece contains a non-slippery back, breathable air mesh cover, extended zipper, allowing you to remove the cover with ease and an adjustable strap along with release buckle. These pieces are stain resistive and can be cleaned up with ease, which makes it one of the best back support for car.

Last Words

The best back support for car is crucial for driver and passenger both. It makes a big difference in terms of comfort, especially in long journeys. This will offer your desired support for your lower back. Plus, it will effectively reduce fatigue, consequently, increasing concentration. If you're finding it hard to buy the best one then go back to the article and ferret out the best back support for car for yourself.

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