Ultimate Guide On Buying The Best Retractable Hose Reel

You have to bring out and pack your stuff back up if you have a gardening hose. What else can you even do? I mean, you can't just leave it laid outside. Well, that's not even an option. Because hoses are likely to crack due to sunlight. Here is the bright side, however. You can opt for a retractable hose reel. With this by your side, you don't have to worry about reeling it in every time you use it. What's that? You are interested to buy a retractable hose reel? Wait up a minute. Below I'm outlining a guide that will educate you about buying the best retractable hose. So, here I give you the ultimate buyer guide of the best retractable hose reel:

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Things To Look For And Consider In A Retractable Hose Reel

(1) The Length

You see, you have keep the size of your yard in mind while determining the length. These pieces are available in various sizes and remember that a longer hose reel would be more expensive. Remember that longer hoses will get less pressure at the exit end. Don't get over excited and buy bigger sizes thinking you might need it later on. This way, you may ruin the usage experience, because there will be less pressure at the end.

(2) Retracting Speed

Retracting speed is a big factor when deciding to buy a retractable hose reel. It is always preferred to pick one that has a slow rewind speed. Majority of the models out there are spring-based pieces. When you trigger the machine, your machine will start to retract. Be careful not to buy a model that snaps back you but retracts gently. Without proper care, the retractable hose will go bad soon, consequently not retracting at all. This usually happens if you pull the hose even after reaching the limit. Therefore, you need to consider the size of the piece before buying a new one.

(3) Stopper Or Without Stopper

Another feature you should lookout for is the hose stopper. This will prevent the tube of the reel retracting back entirely. Thus, when you go to rewind the system, the hose will reel back to a certain point that you can adjust. Without a stopper, your one may act as outrageous and seem like you don't have much control over it. Always be on the lookout for a piece that comes equipped with a stopper.

(4) Wall Mounter Or Portable

If you are looking for a hose to do semi-permanent mounting, then opt for a hose reel that can be wall mounted. Whereas a portable one is very useful for taking it between  yards or the storage.

(5) Lockable Or Not

A lot of retractable hoses come at a very expensive cost. So, keep your eyes open for the pieces that can be padlocked to the mounting or extra security. Or you can also install this inside your shed and feed out the hose through a hole in your wall, if you are concerned about security. Some pieces also come with child lock feature. This feature is handy to keep curiouss kids from opening the piece. You can just lock the hose reel and they won't be able to take it out from the housing.

(6) Storage

Stay on the lookout for a piece with for the hose exit while not using which prevents it from turning filthy. What this usually means is that a spot on the reel storage where you can plug the hose exit end aftter you remove the spray gun.

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Video Guide:

In this video, a gentle lady explains her personal experiences regarding garden hoses. The problems she was having, the solutions of them. Firsthand experience beats other sort of advice. She will walk you through the situations and help you pick the right kind of garden hose suitable for your garden. Watch it to understand better. Hope this helps.

The Convenience of Retractable Hose Reels

Water hoses are used in various settings in various ways. They are used heavily in homes – in the garden, garage and backyard. People are using water and air hoses in many industries too, for example: food processing plants, automobile factories, etc.

You can organize your water or air hose at home in many ways. And the best way to pack up your hose neatly is by using retractable hose reels. Retractable reels are made for water and air hoses, for using anywhere and can be mounted on any surface – walls and floors – with ease.

Keep the Hoses In Stellar Condition

Protection for the hose is the biggest benefit of having a retractable hose reel. Constant water pressure and moisture exposure damages your hose. You’ll see damages for not maintaining proper and dry storage. A retractable reel keeps the hose in place when idle with ease. Providing you easy access when you need it. A retractable reel keeps your hose from depreciation so you can use it for long.

Effective, Easy And Storage-Saving

Organizing hoses can be tricky and storage-consuming. You need to bundle them, knot them together and find the right space for them. A retractable hose however, eliminates all the issues. The retractable reel winds the hose after using, leaving you with no work. Plus, these retractable reels are made for mounting on ceilings, walls or floors, saving you space plus keeping hoses organized. Many models are made for mounting on trucks, making them a perfect portable option. Retractable hose reels keep your hoses in perfect condition year-round.  

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